Sparkling wine fans in more than 100 countries of the world enjoy the most exported German sparkling wine brand. Henkell is the dry sparkling wine that combines the best of two worlds: French Cuvée and German craftsmanship – and has done for 160 years. A tantalising symphony of enjoyment is composed for Henkell from exquisite base wines. After all, excellent sparkling wine can only be produced from the best wines. The result: A sparkling wine with an unmistakable bouquet, fresh and fruity, with gentle echoes of citrus.


The house of Mionetto has its origins in the middle of the Valdobbiadene hills in the Italian province of Treviso. Founded in 1887 by Francesco Mionetto out of passion for the product and a love of his home region. This enthusiasm can still be felt in the Mionetto product line today – starting with the internationally famous "Hero" Mionetto DOC Treviso Brut from the Prestige-Collection and extending to the noble MO-Collection. Pioneering spirit, lots of dedication, first class Prosecco pleasure and exceptional design have now made the traditional cellar world famous. Mionetto is now exported to more than 50 countries in the world. Mutli-award-winning – nationally and internationally − the premium brand represents modern Italy, elegance and the care-free sense of Italian life.

Champagne Alfred Gratien

Noble Champagnes from the brand Alfred Gratien have been produced in Epernay since 1864. In the fourth generation, unique Champagnes are traditionally created each year from the best Cuvées of the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier varieties.The first fermentation takes place in 228 litre oak barrels in the cellars of Alfred Gratien, before the Cuvée matures into a fine Champagne in the classic second fermentation in bottles. This creates around 250,000 bottles every year in the variants Brut Classique, Brut Rosé, Brut Blanc de Blancs, Brut Millésime, Cuvée Paradis Brut and Cuvée Paradis Brut Rosé.


Törley is a synonym for sparkling wine Hungary. The success story of the brand dates back to the 19th century when Józef Törley founded his sparkling wine factory in Hungary. By retaining the classic principles from the champagne region, he managed to continuously improve the production of sparkling wine which results, still today, in an unique and characteristics flavor. Törley is the best known and most respected brand of Hungarian sparkling wines and is sold worldwide. The elegance of Törley can transform any memorable moment into celebration.


Trends are changing but genuine style is everlasting. Hungaria is one of the most recently established sparkling wine brands founded in 1955. In this range only bottle fermented & -aged sparkling wines of distinguished quality are made. Hungaria Sparkling Wines are synonymous with an all over stylish drinking experience. Due to the ability of renewal and ist everlasting elegance, the brand is in the center of social life. Exciting & unique, just like its consumers.

Cavas Hill

Since 1887, Cavas Hill has been producing one of the most famous Catalonian specialities in Spanish Moja, Alt Penedès. Elegant Cava. Following an ancient tradition, only Spanish grape varieties such as Xarel.lo, Macabeo and Parellada as well as Grenache and Mouvèdre are used. Using the classic bottle fermentation method, the products mature on yeast for at least nine months in the cellars of Cavas Hill. This is the only way to make them into a gently sparkling, genuine Cava. The fruity-fresh taste and the plain design of the traditional brand impress. Cavas Hill is one of only three Cava brands that are allowed to use the word Cava as part of their brand name.


The bohéme stands out from the crowd. Naming a sparkling wine after this fabled region and people arouses great expectations. Bohemia, the Czeck Republic‘s leading sparkling wine brand, can measure itself against the highest standards. The brand is a national symbol of joie de vivre and special moments. And word has got round: today, the sparkling wine from the Czech Republic can be enjoyed in nearly 30 countries around the world.


The market-leading sparkling wine brand from Slovakia. Traditional sparkling wine production winningly combined with a modern product philosophy: Hubert has proudly preserved the original French-inspired method for producing sparkling wine for more than 185 years. Superior domestic base wines from the Carpathian mountains are blended to create the fine cuvées for popular sparkling wines of the Hubert brand.

Gratien & Meyer

Quality sparkling wines of the highest calibre have been produced since 1864 in the family business on the Loire using ancient arts. The grape varieties Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay are predominantly used.

Schloss Biebrich

For over 200 years the former seat of the Dukes of Hessen and Nassau, Schloss Biebrich has stood on the Rhine promenade in Biebrich. The branded sparkling wine Schloss Biebrich was named after this magnificent residence and the brand is produced exclusively for the catering and specialist retail trade. Schloss Biebrich offers a harmonious dry taste.

Nicolas Francois


Its name evokes a party, its taste is a pleasure. The success story of Festillant has started on the French market in 2007 and the brand enjoys still today two-digit growth rates each year. With over a million bottles on the French market, Festillant is a leading name for sparkling drinks. Nowadays Festillant inspires people all around the world for de-alcholised sparkling wine. Festillant can be drunk by itself and during any meals. It certainly brings the taste of a real traditional sparkling wine, but without alcohol.

Bambino Party

A children‘s sparkling alcohol-free drink that was made to put happy smiles on our children‘s face. It is a drink for an authentic good mood, which is a must for every children‘s party. Bambino Party exists with three different flavours: Raspberry, Peach and Apple.