The moment is perfect. When there is sparkle.

You decide when the moment is. We provide the sparkle. We love sparkling wine. And we love to get people excited about sparkling wine and our brands. It is the pure zest for life behind it that fascinates us. And motivates us. Every single day. For the huge events and the many little moments.

Sparkling and Stunning!

Wiesbaden and Sparkling Wine - These two simply belong together! Visit us and und immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Henkell & Co. - a sparkling Sekt-Tasting is waiting for you!

Now also on sundays!

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Biebricher Allee 142

Our company heart beats in the middle of Wiesbaden. This is our head office and where you will also find our Henkell-Shop. Come and visit us. Dive into the world of Henkell & Co. and let yourself be inspired by our best sparkling wines, wines and spirits on your journey of discovery.

Henkell-Shop opening times:
Monday–Friday from 10–19.00,
Saturday from 10–18.00

Traditional Bottle Fermentation

Sparkling wine? Always has something to do with craft. But how do you show what exactly that means? How many handles are needed to make the perfect bottle fermentation possible? A highlight for our Sparkling Wine-Lovers: In our new Sektmanufaktur our oenologists will take you on a journey through the various stations of Traditional Bottle Fermentation.


Aced it!

Believe it or not, Henkell & Co. was able to take home 32 gold medals from this year’s spring tasting sessions. Another reason to be happy: as a newcomer to the product range, Fürst von Metternich Riesling Brut was instantly able to convince the judging panels at the Spring 2018 Berliner Wein Trophy and the Spring 2018 MUNDUS Vini.

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