Experience sparkling wine with all senses.

Welcome behind the scenes

Sparkling wine? This always has something do with craftsmanship. Yet how does one demonstrate exactly what this means? How many steps are needed to ensure perfect bottle fermentation?
A place where exactly this can be experienced with all senses, where visitors deeply immerse themselves in what it takes to produce a classic sparkling wine, is the new sparkling wine manufacture Henkell & Co. parent company in Wiesbaden. Whoever comes here, looks on, listens, tastes and experiences. Marvels at how bottles that are stored upside down are shaken and cautiously moved.

This is how a place is created where sparkling wine finds a true home. This place has a stylishly-reserved design that offers insights into what remains hidden from the visitors’ eyes. Accompanied by an open kitchen and a creative cube that is equipped with state-of-the-art communication, modern meets tradition. And in this regard, the phrase “meets” is to be taken literally. Movers and shakers meet visitors, experts and inquisitive people. Here the theory is explained in practice and products are not only produced in pretence but something is created that attracts the attention of connoisseurs worldwide when it comes to pleasure. Handcrafted. In a sparkling wine manufacture that makes the sparkling wine experience even more tangible.

Photos: Jessica Noir and peter wolf fotografie+digitaldesign