Another world

We would like to take you with us. It begins in the seven storey wine cellars under our house.

We'll let the corks fly for you.

Introductory tour

60 minutes & 1 glass of sparkling wine: € 8

 Did you always want to know more about how our house was founded? From the builder to the architecture and impressive building? Our introductory tour starts in the spectacular marble hall, before going seven storeys down into the historical wine cellar and the sparkling wine museum.

Did you know what makes a Cuvée? What is behind the term dosage? We will tell you. And we will tell you about disgorging and the background of traditional bottle fermentation. It continues with the elevator up to the gallery, where you can experience the filling process live. Enjoy a glass of sparkling wine before the tour ends with a visit to the Henkell-Shop.

Pleasure tour

90 minutes & 3 glasses of sparkling wine: € 12

Who was the founder of our house? What about the architecture? Our pleasure tour starts in the marble hall where we would like to introduce you to our historical background, our production and our products. In the seven storey deep wine cellar you will find out everything about the production of sparkling wine: From Cuvée to dosage, disgorging and traditional bottle fermentation.

Visit our sparkling wine museum before you go up onto the gallery. Did you always want to know more about production, filling and box packaging? Then simply take a look over our shoulders. We then invite you to taste three glasses of sparkling wine. Including our founding sparkling wine, Adam Henkell, and the popular Henkell Dry. The tour ends with a visit to our Henkell-Shop.

Pearls-of-Europe tour

120 minutes, tasting sessions with five international brands from the Henkell & Co.-Gruppe (sparkling wine, Champagne, Crémant, Cava, Prosecco): € 25

It all starts in the marble hall before we embark on a pleasure tour to the best wine regions in Europe. We begin with a brief insight into our history and then we end up seven stories down in the historical wine cellar and sparkling wine museum.

One thing is certain: Cuvée, dosage, disgorging and traditional bottle fermentation will not be foreign terms anymore. Taking the elevator up to the gallery, watch our production and the filling process up close and personal. What is the difference between sparkling wine, Champagner, Crémant, Cava and Prosecco? Give it a try for yourself before the Pearls-of-Europe tour ends with a visit to the Henkell-Shop.

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Guided tour “Traditional bottle fermentation”

Experience sparkling wine craft and test 3 premium sparkling wines: € 18

Sparkling wine production is a very special craft that has always been fostered and developed further in our wine cellars. Yet how, exactly, do selected grapes turn into sparkling enjoyment? We would like to share this experience with you. We start our guided tour in the marble hall, where you have the possibility of experiencing traditional bottle fermentation up close and personal. And, at the latest during the manufacturing of the sparkling wine, we will also make this process tangible for you.

Everything begins with a tirage filling and subsequent fermentation in the bottle. It then lands in the riddling rack. Here the yeast settles in the bottleneck as a result of continuous rotation. Have you ever seen how yeast freezes? This is what happens in the following ice bath, and it is necessary in order to remove it. This procedure is referred to as disgorgement. Following the tirage liqueur, which gives the sparkling wine the desired flavour, as well as the corking and wiring, we extend a warm invitation to you to come and try the result for yourself.
The guided tour ends with a visit to our Henkell shop.

New: Public tour

Every Saturday at 12.00,
also at 12.30 in the high season.

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